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What we do

Clients typically approach us with the following challenges:

"I need funding to grow my business"

Our Solution:

We have extensive experience of raising equity and grant funding for new and growing businesses. We support you through the fund-raise process and guide you towards the most appropriate sources of finance.


We have delivered £47m of funding to clients and continue to support them as they grow their businesses.


"How am I doing?"

"What needs to change?

"Something's bugging me"

Our Solution:

We work with a limited number of clients where we have tangible, relevant experience that can make a difference. New clients welcome our objective, impartial viewpoint and tell us that we have reduced the amount of things they worry about!


We have strong experience of improving business performance by targeted projects on pricing and contract management, cost savings and strategic positioning.


It's time to move on...I want to get this right

Our Solution:

Many successful businesses undergo a change of ownership at some point. This is a significant event that requires careful planning and consideration of all stakeholders.


We have over 20 years experience of managing acquisition and merger processes and understand the range of options and outcomes.


We help you work out if a change of ownership is the right answer for your business, and only then do we offer to manage the process for you.

Take all this compliance stuff off my hands...give me the information that I really need to know

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Our Solution:

We love to keep your books in order. We can manage all elements of accounting, payroll, banking and payments. We also look after Company Secretarial tasks, HR and Benefits Admin.


We provide concise, insightful management information that gets to the point.


We work with a selective network of specialist partners to look after legal advice, insurance, pensions and benefits.

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Chilcomb Management Services is regulated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

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