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How we work with our clients

Our Values

We believe in keeping things simple, efficient and elegant.

We know that we can only as be successful as our clients.

We fit in with the way our clients work.

We know when to offer an opinion - and when to keep quiet!

One-Off assigments

These are typically corporate finance or business improvement projects.


They may involve an intensive piece of work over a few weeks, or an open-ended project linked to attaining a goal such as completing a fund-raising or business sale.


Clients often link some or all of our fees to attaining the project goal.

Retained services

This typically involves retaining Matthew as your Outsourced Finance Director and using Chilcomb to provide a tailor-made package of support services.


Clients pay a fixed monthly fee, giving them certainty over cost.


We offer as much advice and support as possible and only perform additional chargeable work where there is a tangible project.

Day-to-Day working

Clients treat us like a member of their own team - including appearing on their website and adopting an in-house e-mail address.

Much of our work can be done remotely but we make sure we find the right times for meeting with you


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